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How to Listen to Your Music Play List in the Car

Cars are made with countless conveniences these days. It seems like car makers are in constant competition to unveil the newest, neatest thing to consumers. One convenience they’ve succeeded with hands down, is making your coveted play list available and accessible for use while driving.

 Many cars these days come with complete infotainment systems that work as the control hub for your car. From one convenient place on the dash, you can control your radio, apps, GPS and more. Your infotainment system might also offer several different options for music. For example, you can listen to FM and AM radio stations, you can listen to satellite radio provided your vehicle came with a subscription and you opted to continue it, you can also access playlists that you’ve built on popular music apps like Pandora and Aha. You can also connect your smartphone directly to your vehicle with an auxiliary cord through the infotainment system to access playlists stored on the phone. In cars with Bluetooth capability, you can also connect wirelessly to access stored music and apps on your phone.