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When I debuted this session, the first topic was just about buying views of videos posted on Youtube. Until then there were few cases of artists who used this trick. But my intention to alert the public to this practice seems to have caused, unfortunately, rampant increase in the number of cases. It seems that everybody saw that it was possible and decided to do it also. Since then, buying Youtube views has become almost a rule. The artist that does not do it ends up losing his own space online, opening up space for the other youtubers to take. Every video that exceeds one million views is just entering the conversation circles with doubt as to whether their views were organic or have been purchased. visit original post here!

Youtube is not easy to fool though

It turns out that Youtube has sought ways to stop this practice, if you still do not know that. One of the ways, the most ineffective and hypocritical, of course, is to leave expressed in its terms of use repudiation as the use of devices such as automated views generated through the use of “robots,” “spiders” or “offline readers”. See the in item 4, H provision of the Terms of Service, in the “Community Guidelines”.

It is obvious, however, that only express this rejection in the “Terms of Use” is not really good enough to stop people from trying to buy Youtube views.

Recently, I do not know if you’ve noticed, Youtube changed some of its functionality and debuted some new, with a new layout. One of these new features allows the user to know exactly where it comes from the views of any video on Youtube. Just click in the “statistics” disposed below the video on the right side of the number of views and then to “show more events” to view a larger amount of information.

Youtube might get your purchased views

Buy YouTube ViewsSo far, this had been the most effective measure already promoted by Youtube against buyers and sellers of views. It is possible to see exactly from which sites the videos were viewed. Youtube played for the visitor responsible for the supervision which video has and what has not fakes views. The most common regarding fakes views is the redirect from sites that just have this function, like reddit.com and others.visit http://www.thebitbag.com/pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-tips-becoming-youtubes-next-big-thing/187086 today!

Most of the videos makes it clear in the area of statistics that most of the views comes from Facebook. In this case, you cannot know whether or not real is, after all Facebook’s policy is as rigid as Youtube´s. Both survive on its credibility. The problem is that some people incorporate videos on fan pages and other pages visited quite within the social network and end up finding there a way to circumvent the policy of both Facebook and Youtube. And the views end up being “true”, roughly. Which means it is completely possible to Get YouTube Views and not has to deal with any problems or consequences imposed by Youtube. The path is clear, so make sure you try carefully.

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