Advanced tactics to get more followers on Instagram

Advanced tactics to get more followers on Instagram


A lot of folks will agree that getting followers on Instagram is not a pretty difficult task. But the main task comes in getting real followers who are in your niche and are more likely to be useful for your Instagram presence. There are various techniques to get fans which include buying followers, shout outs, and also sponsoring your accounts officially with Instagram.

The first tactics that we will be making mention of are making followers of existing big accounts who is in the same niche as you are. This is an excellent alternative for those of us who are not interested in buying Instagram followers, or who are too broke to buy Instagram likes and views.

Search for accounts with huge followers

The first step will be to take your time in finding and listing those accounts that already have a huge number of followers. If you need to know more you can also visit our top article here. Once you are able to locate at least one, followed the account automatically pops up relevant fat accounts for you to follow. You can keep on doing this so as to add a bunch of proper accounts so as to get you started.

Advanced tactics to get more followers on Instagram

 The next step will be to “steal” their followers.

This can be done easily by following them, liking their photo and also making comments on their pictures. You can also go the extra mile by initiating a conversation with them through the direct message. By so doing, you’ll be able sure to get tons of them return the favor by following back and liking your pictures in return.

Buy likes and followers

The next tactics are the easy one, and this is for those who have money to spare in building their Instagram account. You should note however that the followers or likes bought are not real fans but rather some bots that were created by some individuals. For more information you can also click this link: here. The followers and likes bought are rather to give whoever visit your page some form of confidence and encouragement to also follow you. There are various ways and places to buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes, as well as buy Instagram views. You should note however that this is not free and will cost you some bucks.

Use automated Instagram app

Another tactic that you can make use of to get Instagram followers or get Instagram likes and not get to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes is to make use of automated Instagram apps. These are apps that are programmed to interact with users who are interested in your niche with the help of the parameters that you have initially set up.

These apps follow, unfollow, like, and comment on people’s photos, which in turn brings in followers for you, without yourself actually managing your account. You should, however, note that Instagram really frowns on the use of automated apps, and are always looking for ways to flag and block such accounts. Therefore it is much advisable that you first build your account manually to a few hundred before finally making use of the automated methods.

Sponsor posts and reviews

Another tactic that you can make use of which involves spending a few bucks but does not need you to buy Instagram likes or Instagram followers is to make sponsored posts or reviews. To do this, you first need to search for large Instagram accounts that are in the same niche as you are.

Check their profile to see if they include their email address. If this is available, then they make sponsored posts, and you should get the email address or any other means of contact that they provide. Inquire about what it takes to get a sponsored post on their page. Once you both reach an agreement, and the post is done, you are sure to get a flood of followers to your Instagram page.

Making use of the tactics given above, you get to steadily build your Instagram page. Instagram was discovered in a recent study to provide brands with over a quarter more engagements than other social platforms. Therefore a successful Instagram page can lead to a successful brand. If however, you cannot take the time in manually building your followers, you should consider the option to buy Instagram followers or to buy Instagram likes.

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